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Controlled by the Love of Christ

I wrote this article as a reflection on 2 Cor 5:14, "The love of Christ controls us." ...

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How can I learn the Basics of Christianity?

One of the pastors or members of Calvary would gladly meet with you to help you investigate the claims of Christ or you may join one of the small group Bible studies that meet at various times and in different locations in our community....

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Shocking Grace!

I grew up believing that salvation was a gift of God. It was clearly taught that salvation is by grace through faith. Salvation by grace meant that God gave salvation to those who came to Him with open hands to receive a gift from Him. This gift was worth more than all the riches contained in the universe. ...

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Promoting the Gospel

God has not called everyone to preach the gospel but He has called all believers, individually and corporately, to promote the gospel. John Dickson has written a book called "Promoting the Gospel." In this book he shows that the Bible identifies 6 key areas in which we can promote the gospel....

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The Importance of Singing in Church

The people of God have always been and will always be a people of song. If the enjoyment of song is gone, that is a symptom of far greater disease....

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The Felt Presence of God

Every successful business has a distinguishing symbol by which it is quickly identified in the public's mind. With some, it is a quickly recognizable logo; with others, it is a distinguishable physical trademark, such as the McDonald's Golden Arches....

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God's Miracle Baby

On July 25, 1978, a baby was born in Oldham, England, whose birth made sensational headlines around the world. The cover of Newsweek showed a picture of the baby, with the caption: That Baby! The cover of Time depicted symbolic hands outstretched, with the caption: The Test-Tube Baby, and the subtitle, Birth Watch in Britain. ...

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