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“Proclaiming the Excellencies of Him who called us…”

Our Story

In December of 1997, Calvary Community Church was started when a number of families began meeting in a home in Oakley.  As in many early churches that gathered in homes (Acts 1:13, 1 Cor 16:19, Romans 16:3,5, Colossians 4:15, Philemon 1:2) our faith was strengthened and we experienced profound spiritual growth.  In 2000, as the church grew, we began meeting regularly in the cafeteria at Liberty High School in Brentwood. One year later, we were able to purchase property on Delta Road in Knightsen.  Through God’s faithfulness, providence and His timing, building plans were approved in 2008 and construcion was underway.   Our ministries and community outreach expanded and we 'out-grew' the cafeteria at Liberty High.  In April of 2010 our meeting location was changed to Knightsen Elementary School, which brought us closer to our eventual home on Delta Road and Curlew Connex. 

As we strengthened under the guidence of the Holy Spirt, we continued to hear God's Word preached and taught and continued the foundations of spiritual life that had developed at Calvary Community Church.  In February 2020 the scare of COVID-19 prohibited the elementary school from renting to us and we began to meet and worship in the home of Curt and Lois Caldwell.   We had come full circle, and as we gathered in a home once again, we were reminded that the church is the gathering of God's people, not a place, a building or and address.  Our God given faithfulness allowed us to continue His ordained plan for Calvary Community Church. 

On December 24, 2022 we were able to have our very first service in the new building, followed by our first day of Sunday Worship on Christmas Day December 25, 2022 – a day of celebration for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Our Vision 

Our vision for the church building is simple. We seek to exalt Christ in His supremacy and sufficiency.  We plan to do this through disciple-making (Matt. 28:18–20), equipping, commissioning and sending church planters, missionaries and pastors (Eph 4:11–13), and sharing the Gospel with our local community in words and deeds of love (Phil 2:25–26; John 13:34–35). We desire that our church building will be a tool used by the Father to advance the kingdom of his beloved Son through the Holy Spirit’s empowering aid. As such, we don’t want the building to merely be a meeting house for our local flock, but a place mercy and love can be shown to our community, particularly the broken, the lost and the hurting (Jam 1:27).

Please continue praying for our church. You can give by sending your donation to our church office at 3090 Curlew Connex, Knightsen, CA 94548, or pay online by clicking on the 'Giving ' button on this page above.