Miriam Bell

bell1108Missionary to Uganda.

While in Africa, Miriam serves under Pastor Emmanuel Kiwanuka, the pastor of the Zzana Community Presbyterian Church in Kampala, Uganda. Also under his guidance, she works closely with several other churches in both Uganda and Sudan developing community outreach evangelism programs.

When she is in America, Miriam can often be found writing proposals to develop new and supporting existing ministries that are in place.

Miriam shares her vision for her missions ministry in Uganda:

"Someone once asked me what my vision is for Uganda. My response was that I have seen the face of death, and I have seen the face of the gospel in those who are suffering. You see, the gospel in the Good Samaritan convicted me because it came alive for me while I was in Uganda. At one time in my ignorance, it was easy to ignore that fact that millions of people were suffering and dying without knowing about Christ. How easy it is to overlook suffering and pretend it doesn’t exist when you don’t see it face to face. God not only gently brought me along out of my ignorance, but He softened my heart so that I couldn’t help but care. I don’t believe this change in me would have ever happened if I had not traveled to Uganda. My hope is that through my experiences, photos, and discussions of real life stories, I can touch the hearts of others in such a way that they would be pierced as deeply as I have been."

Missions Ministry Details in Miriam's Own Words

In the summer of 2002, an event occurred that would forever change the course of my life. After watching a video presentation from a couple who had gone on a mission’s trip to Uganda, the Lord reached deep into my heart and prompted me to go to serve the Ugandan people. At that time I wasn’t sure what exactly the Lord would have me do. I went to Uganda prepared for certain ministries, but God had His own ideas. During my 6-month stay in Uganda, I learned a great deal about missions work and ministering to His people in Africa. It was truly the most rewarding time of my life. God challenged me spiritually and His people ministered to me in the most remarkable ways. I found it so easy to fall in love with the African people, their hospitality and country.

Since that time, the Lord has opened doors for me to return to Uganda for approximately 6 months each year. It has been exciting to see more incredible mission opportunities that await me each time. Many doors have opened helping to reassure me that this is God’s calling.

In the fall of 2003, I was able to receive training in Community Health Evangelism, Medical Missionary Intensive, and Child Evangelism Fellowship. These courses have taught me invaluable lessons on how to reach people through word and deed, allowing the gospel to have the greatest possible impact on a community. What amazing things God has already put in place for us!

I firmly believe and trust that when God calls, He also equips. With little experience under my belt but with His strength and guidance, I used what I had learned to develop the following programs and train leadership to oversee them:

Micro-Finance Program

Evangelism outreach that provides business training, biblical business principles and small loans that help widows and young women establish businesses. The result of this program is that it enables the participants to care for themselves and their families and reduces dependency on local churches.

Medical Outreach Program

Meeting medical needs communities and educating families on health issues, such as proper nutrition for infants and children, what germs are and how they are spread, how to care for the sick and dying, and malaria prevention.

HIV/AIDS Church Ministry

Educating church leaders, communities, prisons, families, and churches on what it is, how it is spread, how to care for those with AIDS, and how God calls us to live our lives whether we are single or married. God has blessed this program by opening the door for it to be spread via radio throughout Uganda.

Street Children Ministry

Many village children who are orphaned or abandoned have no access to an education or a daily meal. Our evangelical outreach program addresses the needs of these street children and rescues them from their high-risk lifestyles by providing education, a daily hot meal, free medical care, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Personal Background

Home Church:

Calvary Community Church of Brentwood, California

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Because (I am) doing something in your days –
You would not believe if you were told
(Habakkuk 1:5)