Inauguration of New Worship Center


Greetings from Mitú,

Many thanks to all of you who have helped us get to where we are in preparing our new place of worship. Little by little we have been seeing the building take shape. We have set a goal to commence meeting there with an inauguration Service scheduled for July 6th. A pastor and his wife will be coming from Bogotá and ministering a conference that week.

We are working towards having at least lighting, plumbing and ventilation by then, with at least one bathroom installed. We may have bare walls and a dirt floor for a time but we will at least have a roof over our heads. The owner of the building where we have been meeting for the last several years has been very gracious to us but is anxious for us to vacate it. Also we are anxious to begin services in our own building. We had our first all-night vigil in the new building on Friday the 11th. Without ventilation it is too hot during the day to hold services. If we are able we would like to install a ceiling with ventilation before July to help with the temperature. Many of you living in the U.S. in this long cold winter probably don´t identify with the hot humid weather here, but the jungle is hot and humid all year around.

We greatly appreciate your financial assistance towards this goal. The women in the church have perfected a recipe for tamales and they are selling well. However to reach our goal for July we will need further provision from other sources. If you feel led to give towards this goal, details for contributions are included below.

Please continue to pray that the new medicine for the hep- C virus will become available to me soon. The HCV is working havoc with my new liver.

Love in Christ,

George Hurd

GH_04242014_Church 3-8-14GH_04242014_Back side


(To financially support, please mark George Hurd or Mitu in the memo of your offering checks.)