Acts 3:1-16 There Is Power In The Name of Jesus

November 24, 2013 Series: The Book of Acts

Topic: Acts Passage: Acts 3:1–3:16

Acts 3:1-16 There Is Power in the Name of Jesus The Miracle, the Message and how the Miracle and the Message worked together to glorify the name of Jesus. That is, how did it reveal the glorious name of Jesus and His all-sufficiency for the most helpless of sinners? The Miracle + The Message = Glorification of Name of Jesus 16 I. The Miracle (1-11) 2. The Message 12-16 3. The Miracle+Message=Glorification of Jesus’ Name The miracle attracts the crowd to hear the word (3:11) and it is God testifying thru Peter to the living truth of the exalted Jesus . Note logic of 16 following 15: You killed the Author of life, but God raised him, and it's His name, by faith in His name, that Peter did this miracle. In other words, the miracle is a a God-given testimony of the truthfulness of Peter’s proclamattion that Jesus is alive and that he is all Peter says he is: 1. He is The Servant of the Lord (13) 2. He is the One Glorified by God (13) 3. He is The Holy and Righteous One (14) 4. He is The Prince of Life (15) 5. He has been Raised by God from the dead (15) 6. He is the One who can give you eternal life if you believe on His name right now!

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