Emma & Allen Kiwanuka

kiwanuka2Zzana Community Presbyterian Church

Emmanuel (“Emma”) and Allen Kiwanuka

Nationals in Uganda

God called Emma and his wife, Allen, into the ministry as nationals, missionaries within their own country of Uganda. Emma is a pastor, dean and faculty member, and church planter, and Allen works closely with women in their local community. Together Emma and Allen serve and minister to hundreds of Uganda’s orphans.

Ministry Details

Emma was born in one of the poor parts of Uganda to Roman Catholic parents. He came to know the Lord while attending high school in 1980. Although he faced persecution because of his beliefs, he remained steadfast. The Presbyterian Church in Uganda took responsibility of him until when he came on a scholarship to study in the United States at the Reformed Bible College in Michigan.

After Emma’s graduation from college, he returned to Uganda in 1986. His call into the ministry started with church planting and training church leaders.

In 1994, he began attending a seminary in the United States and graduated in 1996. Upon his graduation, Emma returned to Uganda together with his wife, Allen, to found the Westminster Theological College for the purpose of training church leaders from Uganda and other African nations, especially those in the reformed churches. Current students come from across Uganda and Sudan. The college partners with Birmingham Theological Seminary to offer master's level classes at night in a concentrated module format to over two dozen qualified applicants. Emma provides direction and serves as dean at the college’s Kampala campus located in Zana. He continues to teach with assistance from a few friends who travel from the United States. The school’s other campus is in Mbale.

In 1997, together with a team from the North City Presbyterian Church, Emma planted the Zana Community Presbyterian Church, which he now pastors. This church is mission minded, committed to Biblical teaching from a reformed point of view, and growing rapidly. A church building is under construction now.

Allen works with the many children in the church by catechizing them and teaching them the Bible. Nine orphans at the church’s school are now able to receive an education as a result of support by the Uganda Orphan Sponsorship Program. Emma’s church partners with the North City Presbyterian Church to direct and administer this program, which provides much-needed education to orphans and other needy children from local Presbyterian churches.

Personal and Professional Background

Emma graduated from the Reformed Bible College in Michigan and from a seminary in 1996.

Emma and Allen are married and have two children, Joshua and Joel. The Lord has blessed their family by adding an orphan named Dorcus, who is currently attending secondary school.


  • Emma, December 25
  • Allen, May 11
  • Joshua, March 14, 1991
  • Joel, September 8, 1992
  • Dorcus

Emma is affiliated with:

Church: Zzana Community Presbyterian Church, Zzana, Uganda
School: Westminster Theological College
Mission Agency: North City Presbyterian Church