Jim & Kappy Robinette

Robinette091103Missionaries to Uganda

Jim pastors a church, plants new churches, and trains national church leaders and pastors. He and his wife, Kappy, have been involved in various ministries of compassion and mercy throughout Africa.

Ministry Details

The Lord has given both Jim and Kappy a love for the African people and a zeal to see souls saved and served in Africa.

Jim trains national church leaders and pastors during Bible classes held at the All Nations Bible College and Seminary near Entebbe, Uganda. Students come from surrounding East African countries and are encouraged to serve as missionaries, pastors and church planters in their respective locations. Jim is active in planting churches that teach the gospel of Jesus Christ and the doctrines of grace.

Together, he and his wife care for the poor and minister to street children, orphans, people afflicted with HIV or AIDS, and prisoners.

After years of serving in Uganda, Jim and Kappy believe the Lord is calling them to serve in Malawi, Zambia, and other African nations.

Personal and Professional Background

Through the years, the Lord had led Jim and Kappy into various ministries of compassion and mercy, and he had planted a desire in their hearts for overseas ministry. While they were living in Elgin, Illinois and ministering in a day center for the homeless and needy, Kappy heard about Action International Ministries (ACTION) from representatives who were visiting their church. Kappy relayed this information to Jim, and once he listened to the recorded sermon, he recognized that God was calling them to minister internationally.

As missionaries, Jim and Kappy are affiliated with:

Commission To Every Nation


Commision To Every Nation
P.O. Box 291307 Kerrville, TX 78029-1307