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Zzana Community Children's Center

There are numerous children in the Ugandan village of Zzana that have been orphaned and traumatized by war, abuse, and loss of family members due to HIV/AIDS. These special children may be fatherless and living with mothers who are not able to afford daily food, the most basic of medical services, or education for them; they may have lost both of their parents and may not have a guardian; or they may have been abandoned. As a result, it has not been unusual to find many of these children roaming the villages looking for work and scavenging garbage to survive. Some of these children are HIV+, with the virus having been acquired either at the time of their births or shortly thereafter from their mothers. One in four children does not live to a fifth birthday due to malnutrition, treatable illnesses, or HIV/AIDS.

We recognize that God is the provider of all good and perfect things. Our goal, through the power of the Holy Spirit, is to bring the Good News to as many of these children as possible. What a joy it will be as they learn that there is a God who knows them, loves them, and wants them to know and love Him in return. We founded the Zzana Community Children’s Center based on biblical principles to accomplish this purpose.

Since it was founded, the program has been dedicated to educating, developing character, and meeting the physical and emotional needs of the village’s children, and today the center is serving 220 needy children. Further, the program includes a strategic intervention aimed at breaking the HIV/AIDS cycle by sharing the Word of God with the people in the homes where each of these children are staying. These visits let the families with whom the orphans reside know that God and His people care about them personally, about their struggles, and about their spiritual life.

Pastor Emmanuel Kiwanuka is the primary administrator over Zzana Community Presbyterian Church, Westminster Theological College and Seminary, Zzana Community Health Center, and now the Zzana Community Children’s Center. Miriam Bell from our Calvary Community serves on the Board of the children's center. The Zzana community and church have joined efforts and are working together to make this program a continuing success.