Nilo & Feliciana Sanchez

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Nonilo (Nilo) pastors a church, plants churches, supports planted churches, and serves as an evangelist. He and his wife, Feliciana (Fely) are involved in humanitarian work, the training of new believers, and teaching the Bible.

Ministry Details

Nilo serves as pastor of Community Bible church in Cagayan de Oro on the Mindanao Island in the Philippines in Asia. The church opened in June, 2002, to spread the Good News of Christ.

Sola Gratia Ministries

Through the Lord’s leading and a burden on the heart of Nilo and his wife, Fely, Nilo founded Sola Gratia Ministries. Early in its infancy, this ministry included house-to-house Bible studies and both fellowship gatherings and worship services in their home’s garage. Now Sola Gratia Ministries serves as a church planting ministry, with a goal of training, sending, and supporting missionaries who evangelize “unreached” people groups in the Philippines and other countries. The ministry has adhered to steadfast teaching of theology grounded on the sufficiency and final authority of the Scriptures, the doctrines of grace, the conduct of ministry based on a philosophy that all of the Christian life must be an act of worship to God, of which man's ultimate goal is to exalt and magnify His glory.

More than 28 churches have been planted as a result, and more than 100 men across 6 provinces are now trained to spread the Good News.

To further spread the Good News of Christ, Nilo speaks for five hours per week on the radio to help increase the speed of spreading the message to the 1,000,000 population across the more than 7,000 islands of the Philippines.

In 2004, a camp site in Pamuguskan, Tago, Surigao del Sur opened to host Bible camps, conferences, training courses, seminars, and a “missionary boot camp.” In 2007, the fourth pastor’s conference was held at the site. This increasingly popular annual event drew 120 pastors along with some of their wives.

Three properties have been acquired for orphanages, and Nilo and Fely are waiting for God’s provision for buildings and needed funding. In the interim, pastors have begun to open their homes to needy orphans.

Sola Gratia Theological Seminary

Since January of 2002, Nilo’s ministry has endeavored by the grace of God to assist churches in the Philippines in the work of equipping Pastors and Church Leaders to become effective Bible Teachers and preachers. The focus of this ministry is to provide in-depth Bible knowledge, ministerial proficiency, and solid Christian character. Recently Grace School of Theology and Ministry opened at the Pamuguskan, Tago, Surigao del Sur site to provide the highest level of Biblical ministerial training for men preparing for a lifetime of ministry. Fifteen seminary candidates are attending the school, most of which are living in individual or dormitory housing on site.

The faculty is composed of men who have been active and fruitful in ministry. These men are committed to pursuing and maintaining the highest academic and theological excellence balanced with spiritual fervor for the glory of Christ and the spread of His glory to all peoples of the earth.

Grace Mobile School of Theology and Ministry

With the goal of ministering to the whole body of Christ, the Grace Mobile School of Theology and Ministry was born. This ministry uses four ministry teams to take fundamental Biblical, theological, and ministerial training “on the road” to assist churches in equipping pastors and church leaders to become effective Bible teachers and preachers. This ministry also assists participating local congregations to become the training centers of future workers. More than 200 men and some women have participated in this training.

Other Ministries

Through the Sure Foundation, Nilo has reached out to the schools of Lanao del Norte, bringing the gospel to 2000 Elementary teachers and more than 62,000 students.

Personal and Professional Background

Nilo and Fely are married and have four children. Their oldest son, Amiel, is now a pastor of a church in Guiguinto, Bulacan in the Philippines and is planning to be married in April, 2008. Their second son, Keith, is in college. Their daughter, Kristine, and her husband, Jonas, are expecting their first child.


  • Nonilo, Aug. 27
  • Feliciana, April 4
  • Amiel, November 29
  • Keith, January 2
  • Kristine, February 25
  • Kemuel, Nov. 23

As missionaries, Nilo and Fely are affiliated with:


Community Bible Church, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines


Grace School of Theology and Ministry
Grace Mobile School of Theology and Ministry


Sola Gratia Ministries
Sola Gratia Theological Ministries
Radio ministry in two cities on the Mindanao island
The Sure Foundation

Home Church

Community Bible Church